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rPSA-2009-0042-1 curl
rPSA-2009-0042-1 curl

rPath Security Advisory: 2009-0042-1
Published: 2009-03-12
    rPath Appliance Platform Linux Service 1
    rPath Appliance Platform Linux Service 2
    rPath Linux 1
    rPath Linux 2

Rating: Critical
Exposure Level Classification:
    Remote Root Deterministic Unauthorized Access
Updated Versions: 

rPath Issue Tracking System:


    Previous versions of curl accept arbitrary location values for
    redirects when CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION is enabled.  This may allow
    remote HTTP servers to trigger arbitrary requests to intranet
    servers, read or overwrite arbitrary local files, or execute
    arbitrary commands.  This update prohibits these redirects. 

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