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Browser Security Handbook
Browser Security Handbook
Browser Security Handbook

Hi all,

I am happy to announce the availability of our "Browser Security Handbook" 
- a comprehensive, 60-page document meant to provide web application 
developers and information security researchers with a one-stop reference 
to several hundred key security properties and sometimes counterintuitive 
quirks in contemporary web browsers: 

Having a clear picture of these characteristics appears to be of 
significance to building secure web applications, and to auditing existing 
designs for potential weaknesses. For this reason, I am hoping that the 
document is a valuable contribution to the information security community.

BSH currently covers recent releases of Microsoft Internet Explorer 
(versions 6 and 7), Mozilla Firefox (versions 2 and 3), Apple Safari, 
Opera, Google Chrome, Android embedded browser, and a handful of browser 

Please note that due to the sheer number of characteristics covered, I 
fully expect some kinks to show up here and there; feedback from vendors 
and security researchers is greatly appreciated.


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