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BotNet on the Rise
BotNet on the Rise
BotNet on the Rise

IUT-CERT has received some reports on suspicious link request on HTTP 404 web server log file. All get parameters values were requested with the value of http://babyc*** Visiting the suspicious site, we found a PHP malcode that was encrypted by the malicious attacker. After decrypting the code, we found that the attacker is trying to exploit remote file inclusion vulnerability that is why she is trying to inject the code in web site variables. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability leads to execution of the malcode on the vulnerable server.
After execution of the malcode, the code is trying to initialize a connection to one of the following sockets:

After the successful connection, the Bot sends a random number, password and the nickname to bot handler and waits for commands. These Bot nets are also used for further organized attack such as Distributed Denial of Service. It=92s recommended to all Network administrators to filter the above connections.
For more information and receiving the decrypted code contact us at or

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