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BH/DC: Tactical Exploitation Materials
BH/DC: Tactical Exploitation Materials
BH/DC: Tactical Exploitation Materials

At Black Hat 2007 and Defcon 15, Valsmith and I gave a talk 
entitled "Tactical Exploitation". This talk introduced a tactical 
approach to penetration testing that does not rely on exploiting known 
vulnerabilities. During the talk, we used a combination of new tools and 
lesser-known techniques to walk through the process of compromising a 
target network. The materials for this talk are now online, including the 
slides, white paper, and videos. These materials can be found online at:

For those who missed both the talks or couldn't stay for all of one, the 
white paper does a good job of covering the things we discussed:

Most of the exploits and tools can be found in the trunk version of the 
Metasploit Framework. These will be merged into the stable tree over the 
next week or so (along with some HOWTOs on the Metasploit Blog). To grab 
the latest version of the Metasploit Framework, you can use the following 

$ svn co msf3-trunk 
$ ./msf3-trunk/msfconsole

Thanks to everyone who came to our talks!


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