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bitweaver <=1.3.1
bitweaver <=1.3.1
bitweaver <=1.3.1

bitweaver <=1.3.1 [injection sql (post) & xss (post)]
vendor site: 
product :bitweaver 1.3.1
bug:injection sql post & multiples xss post
risk : high

severals juicy sql error can be found in the sort_mode var , 
sql (get) :

injection sql (post) :
path : 

XSS post :
http://localhost/bitweaver/articles/edit.php ===> xss post in message title ( submit article ) 
http://localhost/bitweaver/blogs/post.php ==> xss post in message title ( blog ) 
http://localhost/bitweaver/wiki/edit.php?page=SandBox ==> xss post in message description ( wiki ) 

those xss are pretty dangerous , like in submit article , wich is only viewed by an administrator , 
to approve the submitted article, so he can easly get his cookie stealed .

laurent gaffi=E9 & benjamin moss=E9 

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