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AP Newspower software <=4.0.1 allows remote data manipulation
AP Newspower software <=4.0.1 allows remote data manipulation
AP Newspower software <=4.0.1 allows remote data manipulation

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AP Newspower is commercial software available from the AP that
allows media outlets to obtain text news feeds from the Associated
Press.  It's like RSS, but you pay for it. And it's slower. And

The default install of this software includes a MySQL instance
which stores the feeds as well as copy created by the local media
outlet.  This MySQL database is configured to allow remote access
as root with a blank password.  A person so inclined upon finding
such a box could, say, insert an article of their own into
shows.tblscript and make their own news.  Or remotely censor the
news, or, ...  Oh noes!

The AP has been alerted of this issue, and has said they are not
interested in fixing it.

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I wonder if they bought a MySQL license, or if they are using it
under the GPL license.  Their web page
Power.htm) certainly makes no mention of where to obtain the
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