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Ahnlab search cross-site scripting vulnerability
Ahnlab Search Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
Ahnlab Search Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

[Kil13r-SA-20060701-1] Ahnlab Search Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

Kil13r -

Local / Remote:

2006/06/28 - Discovery
2006/06/28 - Vendor notification
2006/06/30 - Vendor notification
2006/06/30 - Vendor response
2006/07/01 - Release

Affected version:

Not affected version:

Ahnlab is antivirus software and security solutions provider site, but that has vulnerability.
It can run arbitrary Javascript code by end user in search engine.

If victim execute arbitrary Javascript code, attacker can steal victim's cookie.

Proof of Concept code:

Proof of Concept example:

Proof of Concept screenshot:

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