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Nokia 5120 Cellphone Secret Codes Updated September 2002

Nokia 5120 Secret Codes
(C) 2002 The Fixer

The Nokia 5120 is a Dual-Mode TDMA800/1900 and AMPS handheld used by
Rogers AT&T and AT&T Wireless.


Display Version Number: *#9999#


Change NAM: *#639#


Check ESN: *#92772689#

This gives you a menu with several options, the first of which is an ESN
display.  You can also see when the phone was made, programmed, last
serviced and a life timer (HH:MM).  There is also an option to transfer

The only way out of this menu is to turn the phone off.


Enter Service Mode: *#3001#12345#

12345 is the default security code.  If you have changed the code,
substitute it for the 12345 in the string above.

The service mode menu is quite rich and will take you a little time to

One interesting feature of the service mode menu is that it will allow
you to change "Own Number" - If you change this to a number other than
your phone's real phone number, the network will prompt you to enter a
pay-as-you-go card number.  This could have creative uses.

Option 8 in the service mode menu is a "Field Test" - Enable this and
then when you get back to the phone's normal operating mode there will
be a Menu #10.  The "Field Test" menu lets you enter a number, but only
0 to 7 have any effect.  When Field Test is set to a number between 1
and 7, the up and down arrows scroll between 7 screens of field test
data.  The number you entered at the field test menu is simply the Field
Test screen you start with - once in that mode you can still scroll
screens with the up-down keys.  Screen 7 is the normal operating mode
screen you would usually see when not in field test mode.

The service mode menu will let you change your NAM, and you can view but
not change your ESN.

The only way out of the service mode is to turn the phone off.


To make the phone ring differently when certain people call you, add
their name and number (with area code) to your phone book and append an
exclamation point (!) to the name, e.g. "Fixer" becomes "Fixer!".
Instead of the My Tones ring, a paging beep sound will occur instead.
This requires Caller ID and is not only undocumented, but Nokia denies
it even exists!


Plenty more where this came from.

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