AOH has retired.

AOH closed April 15th, 2015.

After 15 years of operation we have decided to close

Our text file archive - The Ultimate Collection of P/H Stuff (TUCoPS) has moved to its own site - TUCoPS.

Here is a list of the currently active sites in the AOH complex that are still active:

  • Open Sez Me - the site we spun off from the AOH Default Passwords area
  • THC BBS - ruling the universe on-and-off since the Reagan era!
  • fnAir - Remember when we used to sell the flight manual for the SR-71 spy plane on CD-ROM? Now we give it away, along with manuals for dozens more planes, for free! Get your flight simulator started up, we're going for a ride!
  • TUCoPS - Our main Hacking/Phreaking text file archives. The TAP/YIPL PDF archive is there too.
  • RCC - Historical service data (electronic schematics) for vintage radio spanning 1926 to the early 1950s
  • The Gong - Our humour archives - plus a ton more jokes and a healthy serving of cheesecake - have migrated here and taken on new life! Flamingly heterosexual.

Thanks to everyone who supported AOH over the last 15 years, to our forum posters, our advertisers, our uploaders, and every one of AOH's 5 million visitors for making AOH a great site! See you on TUCoPS, THC, Open Sez Me and The Gong!

- dethme0w
ArtOfHacking owner/operator